The Strength of the team is each invidual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Phil Jackson

11 Countries, 3 Brands, 1 Company

Strategy 2018+ ...Champions Moving Forward >>>

We are on a Mission: 75,000,000 people a better job


Total Revenue

€ 192,517,273





Placed Candidates


Temporary Staff


Countries in loss

€ 427,629

Countries in profit

€ 3,354,670

What we will be working on the coming years


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Energy, integrity, talents, common professional language, giving and receiving feedback, human touch, fun, personal attitudes and feelings, trust, success, colleagues, competition, personal growth, entrepreneurial spirit, being fully knowledgeable, being different than the competition, making a positive difference for clients, candidates and colleagues, receiving compliments and “thank you’s” from clients, colleagues and candidates

What's Needed

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What's Needed

Job rotation, country rotation, international programs, events, digital marketing, out of the box solutions, flexibility, to become first choice, international cooperation, cross-selling, sharing knowledge, simplify procedures, automation, on-going training program, on-spot decision making, more autonomy, more decision making power for client-facing staff, less rules, more initiative from all team members

The Gap

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The Gap

Communication, presentation skills, professional tools (excel, outlook…), coaching, adaptation program, induction program, on-time feedback, respecting deadlines, common culture, sharing experience, sharing best practices and ideas, cross-functional projects, cross-border projects, need better digital presence (websites), more Lugera spirit in the teams, mismatch Lugera brand with Russian market, internal communication, pro-activity, autonomy, synergy between countries and between business lines, key account management, lack of competence/attitude of staff, structural training,

Best Practices

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Best Practices

Synergy between sales and delivery, knowledge sharing, caring, adding value, solution oriented, selling at high prices, ability to manage complex projects, winning all tenders, Lugera “YES” attitude, on-spot decision making, pro-activity

The Promise of Our Leadership Team Members

Start sharing, more focus on results, don’t doubt and just do it, inspire people, improve relations with clients and colleagues, break the rules, be a YES-person, connect offices and team members, train my team, offer more complex Milestones services, develop sustainable sales, develop knowledge transfer, centralize project management.

The Promise of Our Leadership Team Members


75,000,000 people a better job

We are on a Mission. 75,000,000+ people a better job.

Based on a calculation Gerard made a couple of years ago he came to the conclusion that it should be possible for Lugera to help at least 75,000,000 people at a better job. But until that time Lugera did in 20 years 655,877 people. That’s an average of 32,794 persons per year. With this pace we would be needing 2,267 years.

So in order to achieve this within one life time, we needed very cool tools:


Help Driven & Innovative

Help Driven

We say yes, unconditionally

Every challenge, every problem is turned into an opportunity

Front Runners in HR Technology

It is bizarre how a medium sized agency can be so very advanced in so many fields.
We have a breathtaking attitude
It’s total focus on the needs of candidates, clients, colleagues and suppliers
It’s a matter of total focus on recruitment

Innovation = Key

We embrace innovation. Innovation of which our candidates, clients, colleagues and suppliers benefit.

They benefit > we benefit.

Innovation = Key

We embrace innovation. Innovation of which our candidates, clients, colleagues and suppliers benefit. They benefit > we benefit. Visit to treat yourself with an impressive dose of recruitment innovations…

DIA (Dynamic Investment Algorithm)

PFC (The Placement Fee Calculator)

BAT (Business Accelerator Tool)

FEO (Full Employment Outsourcing)

The Big Idea (STAA, NTB and

PPO (Production Progress Outsourcing)

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Satisfaction > 90%

We aim at more than 90% satisfaction, from everybody!

Candidate satisfaction   > 90%

Client satisfaction           > 90%

Colleague Satisfaction   > 91%

Supplier Satisfaction      > 90%