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1. Expensive,
2. No confidentiality for salary information,
3. Many mistakes,
4. High taxes and social contributions,
5. 100% compliance with changes to legislation and taxes not achieved,
6. Frequent disruptions to timely payroll processing,
7. Consultancy needed, greatly increasing costs,
8. Too much management time taken
9. Payroll software expensive and very user-unfriendly,
10. The management reports that are really needed were not created
11. Penalties incurred due to mistakes

We want to reveal to you 11 Amazing Payroll Secrets.

11 spectacular insights from research that Lugera has undertaken at more than 100 companies. Lugera conducted the research at more than 100 large and small companies over many years in many countries.
The companies encountered many problems with doing their own payroll, such as:

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Doing your own payroll has so many hidden costs it will drive you crazy when you realize what you are losing every month. And quality is still poor.

Lugera’s research reveals that all the surveyed 100 companies pay more than €20 per person per month. The lowest figure for the most efficient company was €21.75. The most expensive was €47.85. Per employee, per month. Incredible, right? Let’s hope you are not amongst the most expensive ones.

So in-house payroll means you spend too much and you still get poor quality!

That poor quality will cost you much more money than the €21.75. Because you will miss out on all the benefits of state-of-the-art management reports. You have so many indirect costs that when you add everything up, you could be spending €50 to €100 per person per month. How big a waste is that? And while you spend a fortune, quality is still low. It’s like buying a Dacia for the price of a BMW.

In short: the Lugera survey shows that your cost per payslip is a minimum of €21.75, our price is €10.50 or less. More than a 50% cost saving and 70% better quality.

Costs reduced from €21.72 to €10.50, or even lower.
More than 50% cost savings!
Higher quality by 70%!

So to summarize:

So the total savings could be as high as €114,750 per year. You will save at least €229.50 per employee per year.

In Western Europe more than 90% of all companies outsource their payroll. The same will soon be true here. How long will you continue spending BMW money for Dacia quality when you can get BMW quality for Dacia money?

Outsource your payroll to us to make it easier, safer, better and much cheaper. What more do you want? We are the best possible payroll partner you could wish for. We have around 15,000 employees and we do the payroll for tens of thousands of people.

So we have all the payroll and employment expertise you could possibly need.


Take advantage of our payroll offer and receive:

1.    Improved confidentiality
2.    Great management reporting
3.    Full compliance with tax and legislation
4.    Accuracy
5.    No more mistakes
6.    Greatly reduced legal liability
7.    No process disruptions
8.    Increased data security
9.    No employment risk
10.    More than 50% lower costs
11.    Unlimited consulting

To receive all these benefits, be sure to make use of our offer.
But this offer is only valid until 31 January 2017 and only for the first 50 new clients.

And right now, we are offering a special deal,
but only until 31 January 2017.

Take action now before you lose this opportunity!

So just to reiterate: prices down by 50%, quality up by 70%. 

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      For a company of 500 employees, that means an annual saving of:  500 x €11.25 x 12 months = €67,500

                            plus a 70% quality increase, which means extra value of at least €47,250.

1. No implementation and set-up costs, save €15 per employee immediately,

2. First month of payroll completely free,

3. Your total monthly fee will be €10.50 per payslip per month

4. This fee includes unlimited payroll consultancy!

5. If you have more than 100 employees, you pay only €9.50

6. If you have more than 200 employees, you pay only €8.50

7. If you have more than 300 employees, call me for an even better price!

So instead of spending €21.75 and receiving poor payroll quality, you will only pay €8.50. And you will receive top quality, state-of-the-art payroll services. BMW quality for Dacia prices!

Our special offer:

Contact us now and start making savings at your company! Act now to be sure you are among the first 50. 

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