Champions in what we do

Being a winner > more fun.

We strive to be the ultimate champions in what we do, how we do it, and when we do it.

We are Champions > focus on our 6 Core Competences:

1. Every Colleague a Power Unit

We think that every colleague within our company should be able to make decisions independently, to take action, to be pro-active, to use her or his creativity, to be and feel responsible for his or her own performance. To develop his and her professional skills to the maximum.

Our people bring you solutions, they create value for your company, they create value for you as a candidate, they create value for you being our supplier.

Candidates & Clients can expect immediate decisions, decisive action, and relentless execution.

We are having a Star Quality, world-standard training program: The Lugera HR Academy. All our colleagues enroll in this program and they can achieve 18 certificates. But until today only 3 persons have all certificates. Nobody else yet, from the more than 400 colleagues.

2. Every prospect of choice > client

How this is done? To give our client’s exactly what it is they need. It means we don’t offer what we want to sell but we deliver what the client wants.

But delivering what you need is not the end. It’s the beginning. Because we want to exceed your expectations. Once we have exceeded your expectations we want to deliver you, what we call, the 4th dimension in recruitment: innovations, the creation of value, with recruitment tools you have never heard about, you have never thought about.

3. Digital Marketing: awareness, knowledge & appreciation

Providing you a never-ending information flow of recruitment intelligence.

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4. Innovations

We make a difference with our innovations > our DNA. Innovative offers, recruitment applications, services. An abundant stream of recruitment innovations, all focused on creating value for you as a company, for you as a candidate, for you as a supplier and for our colleagues.

Click here for our innovation.

5. Constant Performance Improvements

“With every step and every day a little bit better than yesterday”. Constant improvements are realized step by step. It needs constant focus of what can be done better. Being prepared to break down established work flows, to take risks and dare to do things in a new manner. We have excellent Key Performance Indicators enabling us to steer on performance: turnover, profitability, satisfaction, success rate, time to hire…

Having a permanent exchange of best practices between the countries where every country benefits from the lessons learned in other countries.

Leading by example and showing our colleagues how it’s done. Being the leader, being the  manager, being the professional our colleagues admire and appreciate. Receiving and giving  feedback.

We all invest in the willingness to change because improving is hanging. Involving and inspiring your colleagues with our ambition and way of working.

6. A growing fan base – our behavioral compass

We want you to be our fan. This means that we all have to perform exceptionally well and especially on certain decisive moments in our service to you. Because we assume that this way we will earn your trust and appreciation. To realize this we thought it would be a good idea to   create a behavioural compass.

This compass describes the standard of behaviour which creates value for our clients, candidates, suppliers and colleagues; making all of us fans!

Reading our Behavioural Compass tells you everything. And everything means that you exactly know what you can expect from us. You’ll love these stories as they tell you how we are in real.


We have determined 9 essential components which give us a fabulous behavioural compass. All the items will be illustrated with examples. So….in the following components we are definitely  CHAMPIONS.

  1. We Always Say Yes
  2. Thinking Out-of-the-Box
  3. Making Love to our Customer
  4. Making Love to our Candidate
  5. Making Love to our Colleague
  6. Making Love to our Supplier
  7. Being an entrepreneur
  8. Now!
  9. Learning and growing

1. We Always Say Yes

Saying yes means that we communicate in solutions. We don’t tell a client ‘no we can’t’. We think, speak and act in solutions.

2. Think Out-of-the-Box

3. Make Love to the Customer

4. Making Love to our Candidate