Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing services save you substantial costs and hassle. But there are more features which our clients appreciate very much:

  1. We comply 100% with all legal requirements: a must for our top-class clients
  2. We run an excellent payroll administration: errorless processing of pay slips
  3. We run a wonderful Candidate Journey process: happy candidates > happy you
  4. We use the most advanced HR applications: reduced time to hire, top-quality processes
  5. Our service is legendary: our focus on solutions will knock you from your feet…this is why our clients love us most.

Temporary Staffing services are offered in many different formats. We do them all. Actually, we design the optimum solution around your specific requirements. Also, many of our clients exactly know what they want and we are delighted to execute their requirements in a meticulous manner.

  1. Flexible, short term employment (from a couple of hours to a couple of days/weeks)
  2. Contracting, employment for a pre-defined period of time
  3. Outstaffing, employing your staff for a pre-defined or indefinite period of time
  4. Employment Outsourcing, employing the total head count of your company
  5. Interim Management, providing (project) managers for executing a specific task

Check out our Temporary Staffing Profitability check. You insert some data and a report is send    to your e-mail address stating your profit and cost-savings when you will apply our temporary staffing services. It also states the maximum fee you could allow yourself to pay us.