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Our clients love our permanent staffing services and we too. They are fund of us because:

“When the recruiters of the Lugera Group of Companies are working for me they give me the impression that I am their most important client (yes you are!). They really care (we genuinely do!). They immediately respond to my requests, if they face set-backs they immediately inform me and they always communicate with me in solutions. And no matter in which country we work with them they all seem to love what they do (we do love recruitment!). They are great recruiters, but also at other agencies you can find great recruiters, but what is the difference is that these people go the extra mile for me. And when there are problems, they solve it, they never let me down. And that is something special (Yes Sir, we do the extra marathon for you, also when things are challenging).

It’s clear we make a BIG difference in permanent staffing. And besides we do a great job, we save you money. BIG money. And if you outsource all your permanent staffing needs to us we save you even BIGGER money.

We do this through 4 recruitment services. With traditional names so you know what we are talking about. But these services are highly advanced and innovative:

Search & Selection

Recruitment of professionals until top management positions.

National & International searches

All industries (we have specialized teams per industry)

Mass Recruitment

Big recruitment projects from 10 vacancies and more

All levels in the organization

Dedicated team of recruiters

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Taking over the responsibility of the total recruitment need of your company

Ensuring a timely fulfillment of all vacancies

Reducing the time to hire

Reducing the total cost of recruitment

Executive Search

The innovations within these services are:


The New TalentBase

DIA (the Dynamic Investment Algorithm)

PFC (the Placement Fee Calculator)