We outsource the salary and personnel administration for our clients. Because doing-it-yourself is:


  • 1. More expensive

  • 2. Less confidential

  • 3. Less accurate

  • 4. Less reliable

  • 5. More hassle

  • 6. With a higher legal liability

  • 7. Less flexible

  • 8. Poor management reporting


  • 1. Much cheaper

  • 2. Maximum level of confidentiality

  • 3. 100% accuracy

  • 4. 24/7 100% reliability

  • 5. One invoice per month

  • 6. Strongly reduced liability

  • 7. Total flexibility

  • 8. Excellent reporting

We offer several innovative approaches for your payroll administration.

When we do your salary and personnel administration it is obvious we will produce for you every month errorless pay slips for your staff. But this is something many payroll providers are capable of. Nothing special.


What is special is that we are able to advice you on reducing personnel fluctuation, absenteeism, recruitment & training costs.  We also claim that we can increase productivity and the quality of your output. And we do this entirely based on the salary and personnel data from your employees which we are processing each month.

Please check out her our payroll analyses for you to assess if outsourcing makes sense.

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